jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2012

[4eso] Algebra: polynomials (operations, roots & factors)

Here you can find the links to eight activities on algebra. Each of them can be developed in a single 55 minutes session.
Topics worked: algebraic expressions, numerical value, polynomials, algebraic operations, expand and simplify expressions, perfect squares, difference of two squares, Ruffini's rule, remainder theorem, polynomial roots and factors, plotting algebraic expressions, use of GeoGebra

act1_teacherGuide      act1_handouts      act1_solutions
act2_teacherGuide      act2_handouts      act2_solutions     combining like terms (video)
act3_teacherGuide      act3_handouts      act3_solutions
act4_teacherGuide      act4_handouts      act4_solutions     plotting polynomials (GeoGebra)
act5_teacherGuide      act5_handouts      act5_solutions
act5 GeoGebra applets
act5_explicitEq_degree1    act5_implicitEq_degree1    act5_degree2a    act5_degree2b

act6_teacherGuide      act6_handouts      act6_solutions
act7_teacherGuide      act7_handouts      act7_solutions
act8_teacherGuide      act8_handouts      act8_solutions
polynomial roots (GeoGebra)

jueves, 13 de diciembre de 2012

[4eso] Probability

Here you have the links to three activities on probability. Each of them can be developed in a single 55 minutes session.
The two first activities may be used at the beginnig of a unit on probability; third one consists of two problems to be solved by the end of the unit.
Topics worked: probability vocabulary, random experiments, sample space, outcomes, events, conditonal probability, probability assignment.

act1_teacherGuide         act1_handouts
act2_teacherGuide         act2_handouts         act2_solutions         [en español]
act3_teacherGuide         act3_handouts         act3_solutions
theory: brief summary       [en español]