miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Drawing real numbers

The links below show you how to construct and operate real numbers using Pythagoras and Thales theorems.
You can also find the text and the applets with the solutions to an assessment exercise on real numbers.

construct irrational numbers
operate irrational numbers
construct & operate real numbers
construct rational numbers

exercise text
solution I
solution II
solution III
solution IV

Una breve historia de las funciones

Esta lectura puede resultar adecuada para introducir los temas sobre funciones en el Bachillerato. Se trata de un breve repaso a la evolución histórica del concepto de función.
Se enlazan dos archivos, uno con la versión para el profe (con notas al pie para apoyar la lectura en clase del texto) y otra para el alumno.


lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

The evolution of ideas (an example)

This activity consists of a text that starts with Tartaglia, Cardano and their competition to find the solution to the third and fourth degree equations and finishes with Complex Numbers and the Mandelbrot Set. It also has some activities for the students related to the text.
In the links below you can find the handouts for the students and the teacher guide. You can also get the Spanish version of the activity, and a couple of videos from YouTube with interesting representations of the Mandelbrot Set.

Thank you Amanda Piesik, our language assistant, for your help with the translation.

The evolution of ideas (handouts)
The evolution of ideas (teacher guide)
La evolución de las ideas
Mandelbrot Set 2010 Odessey
Mandelbrot Set Zoom

martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Chronological axis

Here you can find some of the work done by the S2A students for the bilingual section magazine.
This year’s topic is William Shakespeare. S2A students’ contribution is a chronological axis of mathematical achievements during Shakespeare’s life.

Click on this link to get the pdf file with the axis

domingo, 4 de marzo de 2012

[2eso] Números naturales y enteros

En los siguientes enlace puedes encontrar unas actividades de repaso sobre divisibilidad y un boletín más completo, con teoría, ejercicios y problemas, sobre números enteros.
actividades divisibilidad
actividades enteros